A full-service condominium management firm, Pegasus Condominiums maintains years of experience in budgeting, planning, marketing, and additional day-to-day operations for homeowners’ groups, cooperatives, and other entities. Based in Los Angeles, Pegasus Condominiums works with condo associations and property owners to customize management plans that meet overall objectives as well as short- and long-term needs. The company prides itself on providing competitively priced services, meeting industry-leading standards in property upkeep and development, and hiring highly qualified and skilled staff members to serve a growing client base.

Pegasus Condominiums’ services range from handling accounting, invoicing, and budget analysis and preparations for homeowners’ associations (HOAs) to providing general handyman, plumbing, and landscaping services. The firm also offers new construction and remodeling consultations and services as well as scheduled building and systems inspections, management of repair and maintenance bids, and contractor due diligence. Pegasus Condominiums possesses the expertise and manpower to perform electrical, plumbing, painting, and carpentry upkeep and repairs, and the company works with clients to establish regular landscaping services. Additionally, Pegasus Condominiums handles collections and operates an in-house lien service to expedite actions against delinquent owners.

Pegasus Condominiums serves as a partner in the oversight and upkeep of condominium developments. As such, the company provides emergency services 24 hours a day, seven days a week; handles disputes between and among owners and residents; and offers its clients access to a network of HOA attorneys and tax preparation specialists. Furthermore, the company pledges excellence in dealing with customers and guarantees to return all phone calls within one business day or they will pay a $25 fee to the client involved.


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